Tuesday, September 14, 2010


zetetic\ zeh-TEH-tic \, adjective; 
Proceeding by inquiry; investigating

There once was a girl who got up every day and was happy. Her first thought was of how rested she felt and how bright was the light coming through the window. Even when it was raining outside and the clouds covered the sun, she would notice how the window signs and the street lamps reflected off the drops of water and she appreciated the sound of it falling. There was nothing that could make her sad. She did not always smile, but she always meant to, and when she did it only vaguely made you think of mannequins. The kind of mannequins with no heads standing in store windows and wearing the clothes that you want. The kind with every outfit piece placed just-so and glowing with rightness and sharp with color.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


absquatulate\ab-skwoch-uh-leyt \,verb;
To flee; abscond.

I'm sitting here, yet flying. I close my eyes and feel the earth move. I am not stationary.
A woman comes in through the door to my left and I watch her approach and then pass me. How does she walk and not fall down? How are her steps so steady, so sure and set? And I am too afraid to stand? I put my head in my hands.
I will not move from this spot, yet I am always in motion. This sounds strange even to me but I know that it is true. My senses do not allow me to ignore the constant spinning. I see blurred edges. My eyes burn. Everything is in static. Nothing is solid: not an apple, not a wheelchair, not a doorframe. How am I sitting? I try not to question everything, but this is difficult.