Thursday, August 29, 2013


pittance PIT-ns  , noun;
1. a small amount or share.
2. a small amount or share.
3. a scanty income or remuneration.

Pity so much that is small is overlooked
the paperclip the shadow the strand of hair
that tickles your shoulder the way I
tickled the hairs at your neck do you 
remember that or the way our fingers 
touched the way notes are passed secrets 
exist at the rims of our fingers and who 
we've kissed and how and where and who 
was near that bartender that one time
she knew in that small way she tipped
her head to look away such small things
can be so important pity these moments
pity those moments gone by pity
small numbers that represent years
those small numbers represent years
three sixty five is not enough and yet pity
it would never have been enough.

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