Monday, September 2, 2013

pari passu

pari passuPAH-ree PAHS-soo; Eng. PAIR-ahy PAS-oo, PAIR-ee \adverb;
1. with equal pace or progress; side by side.
2. without partiality; equably; fairly.

the tortoise and the hair
blood out of bullet holes
rain from the cloud-topped sky

the pear from the tree
rolls down the hill
to the country road

your truck wheels skip
I yelp from a mouth that is mine
certain you hit something

the pieces of the pear
shot out at the sides
the heart of it thrown

into the gutter yarrow
the sun will bake the rest
pear juice moistens the concrete

I lay my head on your shoulder
concentrate on your one hand
maneuvering the wheel

we are anchored in our seats.
your knuckles hold tight.
there is nowhere to go but down.

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